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1 Kings 18:16-40 records the battle between Proghet Elijah and four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal in a bid to establish whose God is supreme over the universe.  Upon proving the supremacy of the God of Elijah over the universe, the prophets of Baal were excuted.

In this passage of the Bible, particularly in 1 Kings 18:17-18, King Ahab accused Prophet Elijah to be the TROUBLER of Israel but Prophet Elijah immediately and authoritatively pointed him, Ahab, out as the ACTUAL TROUBLER of Israel. Just like Prophet Elijah, the ACCUSED/ASSUMED/PRESUMED/UNJUSTLY DECLARED AND PROSECUTED TROUBLERS of our society of today (traditional, civil, religious, academic, professional, political, etc… societies) are the true and vocal voices that challenge the ills, evils, injustices, unjust systems/structure/policies/laws etc of our time. These must never stop nor back down in the war to establish the supremacy of the God of justice, peace, fairness, truth, love, equality, equitable distribution of both human and natural resources, etc over every society, land, government, nation, established bodies (local, continental or international) because it’s a war that must and will certainly be won, no matter how few or how badly treated these warriors get. Meanwhile, the ACTUAL TROUBLERS of our societies, like King Ahab, are usually in positions (though not all in such positions are) of authority/influence/power/control/leadership etc using their advantaged stance to become agents of injustices, wickedness, disunity, chaos, unjust laws, policies, structures and system etc and they must be fought forcefully,  aggressively, persistently and authoritatively. The weapon of this warfare is not anything carnal but virtues. Virtue is not alien to any culture, tribe, religion, political ideology, society or nation. Hence, this war must be fought across all frontiers under one leadership, namely virue/rightness/true healty societal values and as such we must be blinded to all forms of lines of divides (religious, cultural, tribal, ethnic, political,  economical, social, academic, national, international,  etc). These AHABS/ACTUAL TROUBLERS, under whatever guise or platform they operate are UNBELIEVERS as they neither believe in the religion/faith that they profess nor in any ethics/values of whatever platform they operate under. They only believe in themselves and in their selfish ambitions. Whatever religion, tribe, region, nation, political platform, professional body, etc that they belong to or operate under are just mere tools employed by them for the actualisation of their ambition. The use others as means to reaching their ambition and destroy same once they are no longer useful or relevant in the pursuit of their ambition.  To do this, they, like Ahab, tag others as TROUBLERS of the society so as to have them destroyed, meanwhile they are the ACTUAL TROUBLERS of society. This is why blind followership must be avoided and war for the supremacy of the God of truth, justice, equality, equitable distribution of resources etc must be fought by all to the finish. DO NOT KEEP QUITE IN THE FACE OF EVIL. RISE UP AGAINST IT! SPEAK UP AGAINST IT! ACT AGAINST IT! FIGHT AGAINST IT! WE ARE IN A WAR AGAINST EVIL. DO NOT WAIT TO BECOME A VICTIM BEFORE YOU RISE, SPEAK, ACT AND FIGHT AGAINST EVIL. DO NOT BE A VICTIM, BE PART OF THE VICTORS BY JOINING THE WARIORS OF VIRTUE OF OUR GENERATION.  God bless us always.


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