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The WORD OF ETERNAL LIFE MINISTRY is founded by Rev. Fr. OKWORI PETER BENSON, C.S.Sp; a Holy Ghost Father From Nigeria and a member of the Holy Ghost Congregation, Province of Nigeria North-West.

The Eternal Word Of Life Ministry was inspired and birthed in the context of COVID-19 pandemic during which people weren’t able get sufficient spiritual nourishment and scripture-based encouragement and exhortation, at a time they needed these most, consequent upon partial/total lockdown in most parts of the world and in public church activities.

This project inspired by God was then started to bring God’s Word that heals, sanctifies, liberates, revives, transforms, console, encourages, empowers, counsels and enlightens to people across the globe as they grabble with the challenges of existence, the crises of the world and the circumstances of their daily life.

Our mission is, therefore, to bring the Word of God to speak to us and our concrete life situations with a view to imparting our daily existential life situations with the saving and redeeming power of God’s Word which is ETERNAL; EVER ALIVE AND ACTIVE (HEB 4:12). THE WORD OF ETERNAL LIFE MINISTRY is dedicated to the Holy Spirit under the protection of the IMMACULATE HEART of MARY.